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YOU are Beautiful-ACIM Review III: Lesson #119

Truth will correct all errors in my mind. / To give and to receive are one in truth.

As part of my getaway my fun friend (see lesson 116) brought along some spa masks. She knew we might have a rainy day, and thoughtfully planned something different to do.

So the whole crew put on cleansing masks.

One of the participants had a beard. He was, understandably concerned the mask wouldn’t come off properly. That he would have remnants of the mask left in his beard.

Being a spamask virgin, he didn’t understand that, given a little water, the mask would dissolve and he would be wiped clean. It all worked out in the end. And, with a bit of effort, he was able to wipe the unclean mask away.

I must admit, though I laughed at the poor fellow, I sometimes feel the same way about my own impurities. I think they are permanent. I worry everyone will make fun of the remnants of my wrongs, left dangling on my face for all to see. I think that I will never get rid of a negative characteristic or cycle of behavior (like eating raw cookie dough, I ride the struggle bus with raw cookie dough).

But Lesson 119 tells me these are just silly errors the water of truth is waiting to cleanse from my mind. That no matter what threat I might perceive (aka judgement, aka uncertainty, aka loss), my Divine Self is waiting safely for me to receive it’s blessings.

And, as I accepted the misunderstanding of my dear friend, thinking his mask was permanent. I can accept the truth that my own myriad of critical masks are just illusions. And I can forgive these errant thoughts of my mind. In favor of the truth that is always waiting patiently for me to recognize it.

We are perfect. Just as we are. We need no beautifying. We need no self-criticism. Only the Divine love that burns for us in the stillness. Waiting for us to see.

Truth. Light. Divine appointment. It is all waiting to give when we are ready to receive.

Today we let the light of truth correct any misperceptions of imperfection. We receive in the light of truth.

Shine on LightWorkers.


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