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Books By Estelle Kristy:

Uplifting Astrology



A Playful look at astrology.  Check out your sign, compatibilities, cautionary tales and strengths.  Contains an overview of each of the 12 sun signs with individual life lessons for each.

Ditch Anxiety & Find Peace


Meditation is the key to restoring peace, passion and purpose. Individuals, particularly busy people, need accessible techniques to tap into the life-changing benefits meditation can provide. This guide is meant to give beginners and daily meditators alike a guide to reconnect with what is soul-inspiring, exceptionally them. To rediscover their authentic truth behind the busy. What makes this guide unique? It is simple, designed to allow anyone to begin or maintain a meditation practice. It is a life-altering journey towards passion and purpose-In just 30 days.

21 Days of Guided Meditations


Coming Soon!


21 days of guided meditations to help you claim your power and light during challenging times.  Each meditation is organized to begin with themed inspiration, moving into intentional breathing, and ending with a suggested visualization. 

Fantasy Fiction Flames Ashes Book Cover.jpg
The Course


Love cat anecdotes? Face-planting into spirituality? Then this is the Course in Miracles guide for you! The Course is a daybook using a modern interpretation of A Course in Miracles' Workbook Lessons to transform your life in a fun, sassy way. Season by Season, let ACIM reveal the reason. This is the first of four Seasonal installments to help you work with A Course in Miracles from a practical, easy to understand perspective.

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