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Reading Descriptions

Short Readings

Looking for a quick overview? 20 minute transits reviews what's going on in your chart right now via Zoom. $20.Looking for a broader scope? A 30 minute chart reading briefly  covers most of the personal planets in your natal chart via Zoom. $30.1

Deeper Coverage

Want to go deeper? Try a 1 hour Zoom reading. This reading covers the personal and outer planets and includes a recording of the reading. $60. ​Prefer to read about it? Try a written reading. This includes an overview of how the planets affect your personal career, relationships and what is going on in your life right now. $60

I want all of it!

If you are interested in a little bit of everything a 1.5 hour reading includes an overview of your chart, dream incubation message, and brief written reading. A recording of your Zoom reading will be provided. $100.​

LET'S TALK!!!  (No Really-I mean it)

If interested in an Astrology Reading:


Readings are available by filling out this form with your contact information. Please indicate which reading is of interest and  submit the form with additional questions. It is my honor and privilege to serve you in whatever way I can.

Estelle Kristy

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