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Reading Descriptions (Book Via Sub-Page)

Short Readings

Looking for a quick overview? 20 minute transits reviews what's going on in your chart right now via Zoom. $20.Looking for a broader scope? A 30 minute chart reading briefly  covers most of the personal planets in your natal chart via Zoom. $30

Deeper Coverage

Want to go deeper? Try a 1 hour Zoom reading. This reading covers the personal and outer planets and includes a recording of the reading. $60. ​Prefer to read about it? Try a written reading. This includes an overview of how the planets affect your personal career, relationships and what is going on in your life right now. $60

I want all of it!

If you are interested in a little bit of everything a 1.5 hour reading includes an overview of your chart, dream incubation message, and brief written reading. A recording of your Zoom reading will be provided. $100.​

LET'S TALK!!!  (No Really-I mean it)


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