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Don't Cry over a Broken Coffee Pots-Review III: Lesson # 116

God’s will for me is perfect happiness. /I share God’s will for happiness for me.

I had an interesting morning….I broke a coffee pot.

You might be thinking-Estelle, it’s just a coffee pot.

It is. But it was enough release a waterfall of blame and shame in my mind. A single glass pot of malice thrown toward myself.


And it’s not even my coffee pot. I’m at an Air BNB.

When it happened I felt terrible. I considered lots of inappropriate things-I could hide it. Say it spontaneously cracked on its own. Runn away and never coming back…Completely logical right?

I eventually settled on the truth. After my thoughts had run their course a bit. Unfortunately there was a whole evening between myself and the coffee pot conversation with my friend who had rented the BNB.

I will ruin everyone’s morning coffee experience! My Monkey mind said. She will never invite me on another trip, it continued. How could you be so stupidly careless!

And then the morning came. I told her about the pot, and she calmly said:

Well that sucks, it shouldn’t have broken that easily.

Then she went on planning all of the fun things for a day of joy.


Source, thankfully, is very much like my gracious friend. It understands we make mistakes. But it also really wants us to move on in happiness. I wasted some good hours suffering over reactions I couldn’t control in the first place. Worrying twice about things that hadn’t happened once.

But there is another way. One of forgiveness. One of love. One of happiness.

The only way that is.

And the Universe provides this limitless supply of hope and happiness for us every day. If we take the time to look. If we put aside our suffering. If we choose joy and lay aside any guilt we have for discovering it.

Put down the monkey-mind my friend. Share Source’s ambition that you live in happiness. It is the Universe’s greatest gift and will that you receive it.

Namaste LightWorker!

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