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Harvest Your Growth

"Don't go through life. Grow through life"-Eric Butterworth

One of my pandemic side-effects is that I’ve become a gardener.

I love to piddle around in my veggie and herb beds. Making sure they have enough soil. Watering, etc.

The strange thing I have noticed about the plants (other than their habit of not-dying, like my houseplants) is that they don’t all grow the same. Even if they are from the same type and batch of seeds.


Some of the plants grow right up out of the soil. They are straight and strong. Others require a little more support and attention-tying off against a stake, fertilizer, protection from pests.

Plant type number two struggles, but with a little care, they too can bear a harvest.

And so it is with all of us. Sometimes we reach for the light effortlessly. We feel fed by our inner selves. We feel like we are producing bountiful truths and purpose in our lives.

Then there are the times of struggle. Like when I need little extra T.L.C. When we require someone’s love and attention to help us grow. Perhaps even a little added support.

When I get past the antiquated idea that I am the only one who struggles. That I am separate and alone. That I should be able to figure it all out on my own. (don’t even get me started on why should-ing on yourself is not soul fertilizer). I find a whole network of loving supporters, right outside of my limited vision. Just waiting to help me reach my potential.

My take? Don’t shy away from the struggle. Your own personal bountiful harvest is just around the corner. Nurture yourself. Allow yourself to be nurtured when you need the support. And be proud of the fact that you will be someone else’s fertilizer of the future from this rich growth.

The struggle is real my friends. But you are a magnificent grower of miracles within.

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