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How to Win at Life

“All I do is win, win, win, no matter WHAT!” -DJ Khalid

Life is so freakin’ resilient. I am amazed every day.

Here’s an example. I have a tendency to kill houseplants. Killing them is not my intention.

Actually the opposite.

But I do. I overwater. I fuss. I put them in and out of the house. *sigh*

Besides Sage (see my Insta post on the miracle plant that grew from year-old seeds), I have had only short-lived success.

Until now.

In 2019 I grew a beautiful plant for over a year. I’m talkin’ palmy fronds, tall….This beauty grew to Four TIMES its original size. I thought for sure my plant-killing days were over.

Then…You guessed it. It met its untimely demise. I tried inside, outside. No dice.

As the winter came, I (eventually yikes!) brought the huge pot inside. But it stayed sad. Droopy.

So I decided to try a little experiment and sent it some love. Why not? I’d read some studies that said it could work. Then promptly forgot about it. A week later some signs of life showed up!

Tiny, beautiful sprouts of newness. Can you believe it! After six months of nothing this resilient beauty is making a comeback peeps!

And so are we. We are so much like this gorgeous plant. We have been dormant. We have felt droopy. Sad even. For months and months.

But, I would argue we are making the comeback of a lifetime. Winning in the face of enormous challenges we never dreamed we could manage.

We are reaching our sprouts out for a new tomorrow. And we are going to make it even better than before. We know more. We are kinder, more generous. With both ourselves and others-because of our long sleep.

And we are winning. Yes we are.

You are resilient my friends. I see you, poking your heads out of the soil of adversity. Shine on light chasers-let’s light up this world.

*(And if you don’t believe me try it yourself-an experiment from the amazing wizard @PamGrout in E-Squared. Plant 2 green bean seeds. Send one some love, the other not so much. See which one grows taller & report back!)

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