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A River Full of Faceplant

On my better days I consider myself an evolving peep. Dedicated to self-improvement. Spiritually devoted. Trying to see the best in things.

Then, just as I’m singing along to my personalized version of Spirit in the Sky


Yup. My good buddy fear decides to pay a visit. And she reminds me that, like Lucy I have some explaining to do about my self mastery.

Here’s what happened. I decided to go on a kayaking trip. No big, right? Weeelll I had never been kayaking before. Enter fear.

I spent some time trying to talk myself out of it. Used my usual procrastinating techniques to try to put off deciding until the decision was made for me. Secretly hoping it might be too late.

And then, because I have awesome planning friends & couldn’t come up with an excuse not to…I went. And my girl fear started talking back. Hard core.

What if you tip over? What if you get caught under a log? Do you even really know how to steer? What if you get stuck in the kayak?

Ahhh sweet familiar faceplant. I’ve missed you so.

Fear is a common refrain. She loves to dance with us. But she also reminds me of one important thing I tend to forget-there’s always more to let go of.

I’ve spoken of the benefits of letting go of control. And how difficult it is to do. But when we can reach that moment. That beautiful moment of surrender. We often discover some really beautiful things about ourselves we didn’t even consider it was possible to grow into.

I went on that kayaking trip. I was scared. I was awkward. But I made it through. And even when you too are fearful, so can you.

Just let go of an inch more of your shore. And, even if you need a little push down the river of life, you just might find parts of your landscape you never dreamed you had in you.

P.S. Faceplanting into the water of fear isn’t so bad either. As long as you keep on swimming toward your goal.

Happy paddling friends!

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