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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Hi. My name is Kristy. And I am a control-a-holic.

Like many addictions, being a control freak has its perks.

Long nights obsessing over details.

Thinking I absolutely know what’s best for everyone and everything in my life. Pushing my personal agenda.

It’s a peach of a situation, let me tell you.

I’ve mentioned this story before, but it bears repeating. There is a parable about a tiger and a monk. There are various iterations but, in essence, the tiger chases the monk over a cliff. The monk has the opportunity to rely on himself or to, quite literally, let go of the branch they are clinging to (aka control) and let the divine take the wheel.

We are all going though big changes right now. The pandemic has given us a wonderful gift of perspective. Of priority. Of allowing us to look at what we believe to be truly essential in our lives. And to determine exactly how we want to live it.

Simultaneously for me, it has allowed me to get used to a routine of living in my own little bubble. And, I’m not going to lie, the control freak in me is just a liiitle bit freaked out about leaving it. I like my bubble. It’s shiny.

So, in meditation this morning I asked for guidance on what to do. The tiger story popped into my head. Let go of the branch.

It’s not easy, it’s difficult. It’s uncomfortable to say the least. But if I don’t take a risk on living my best life. If I choose to limit my shine in the world (in favor of Emily Dickensoning it into hermit-ville), I miss out on where my life is guiding me to go. I ignore my true destiny.

So today I peel my, still clinging, fingers off of my protective branch one by one. I trust that there is a divine plan for my life. And that this plan lives out there somewhere in the big bad world of the unknown.

Wish me luck friends. May your personal branches be sturdy and your grip extra light today.

Namaste beautiful light chasers.

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