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Your Biggest Life-Manifested: ACIM Review III: Lesson #113

I am one Self, united with my Creator./Salvation comes from my One Self.

I have mentioned before that ACIM is VERY intentional. The word on the street is that ACIM was written with very few edits or revisions. A clear channel of information, gifted to the masses.

The intentional I notice in Lesson 113 is the capitalization of the words ‘Creator’, ‘Self’, and ‘One’.

Without getting all grammar-lady, this is not standard English.

The point I hear ACIM making is-many times we try to make ourselves small. We lower-case our lives, and the importance of our impact. It’s easy to do. The world is big. There are tik-toks galore emphasizing that 1 million people liked the dancing monkeys….and only two like our cat pics.

But what ACIM knows, and what we may have forgotten, is that we are One. That for each million likes in the collective, those same accolades are waiting for you. Made possible by our brothers or sisters hanging out in the ether. Getting it done. There is peace and serenity in this thought.

That these same brothers and sisters are simply showing you what’s possible. Breaking ground to pave a path for your next greatness. Just waiting to be manifested.

Source’s plan for you is perfect. A unique unrepeatable life you were born to live is waiting for you to express. And by our Unity we can co-create our Biggest SELF which is what the world deserves to experience. And so do you.

Namaste LightWorkers. Shine big today.

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