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You are Golden-ACIM Lesson #159

I give the miracles I have received.

When my niece was little she would have glorious birthday parties. I’m talking Little Mermaid impersonators, cupcakes, the whole shebang. They were fabulous.

As such, she often had many, many guests, including yours truly.

One birthday, I accidentally purchased a doll for her that she already had at home. My niece looked at the doll, perplexed and began to say “But I already have….” Before looking up and quickly thanking me.

My dear sweet niece could not understand why she would get a duplicate of something she already had. Because to have two of something would be preposterous.


Lesson 159 reminds me that Source thinks similarly about the gifts we have in our arsenal. Whether it be time. Money. Talents. All of these become redundant if we keep them to ourselves, rather than sharing them with the world.

Our world says to possess something you must keep it for yourself. But source (and my wise niece) say it is proof of your abundance that you give.

Writer Tama Kieves aptly states, “Here’s the big karmic joke of chasing success: You can always arrive. After all you didn’t come here to get gold from the world. You came here to give it”.

When you remember Source’s vision for your life. The Gold that is inherently you. Whether that is being the smiling cashier that makes everyone’s day, or the SuperBowl champion leading his team to glorious victory. All of these are lilies of the golden treasury gifted to you by the Universe. It is yours for the asking.

Namaste LightWorkers.

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