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With Great Power....ACIM Lesson #191

I am the holy Son of God Himself.

Whoa there again ACIM! Wow. Now that is a big statement. But maybe. Not so much.

Let me explain.

If we are a piece of God/Source we are a child of God/Source.

Of the All That Is. Stardust.

And there’s even the science to prove it. We are made of planets and trees and molecules and bees. All of it elementally. We have the power of galaxies within us. So yeah, we are as God/Source created us. Magic.

But as Spiderman’s uncle once said (or Damocles)…with great power comes great responsibility. So guess what the world lives up to all powerful ones? Our powerful expectations.

And the good news is these expectations include the good stuff too.

Lesson 191 gifts us with the remembrance that all power is given you in earth and Heaven. That there is nothing we can not do. Nothing.

We are the light of the world meant to shine. To show the world it can shine too. And in this we find our freedom. Our peace. Our remembrance that all heaven and earth are one in the same Source that shoots the stars across the sky, and pulls the tides within the ocean.

Enjoy this beautiful vision of the limitless creation that you were always meant to be



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