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Wish I Could Be...Part of THAT World. ACIM Lesson #262

Let me perceive no differences today.

There is a lot of controversy going on in the world today. In truth, I tend to vibe a liiiitle shy of the dominant paradigm. I’m a card-carrying member of the rose-colored glasses club after all. (And proud of it, by the way). But sometimes, when I see the world arguing over things I just can’t fathom, I get discouraged.

And I want to pretend that some parts of our humanity don’t exist.

I tell myself I am above it. I say that this is not who I am. And in doing so, I sometimes cheapen the lesson these moments have for me about the shadow without…and the ones that wait within.

Lesson 262 says we love to play these mind games with ourselves. Praising the things we like about ourselves. What others tell us are valuable contributions to the Universe. Pretending the other stuff doesn’t exist. But, in reality, we are all connected. All the time. Even the parts that seem to totally miss the mark. They are really just other versions of the Universal energy. And if we make them different, we disown valuable parts of ourselves. The ones we can use to grow and change. The ones we can use to change the world.

Without acknowledgement there is no change. Without respect for another, regardless of their beliefs, there is no space for movement. No opportunity for a new perspective.

Because in a vacuum we can no longer see what is alike about another. We only make room for separation.

Choose again, Dear LightoWorkers.

Lesson 262 reminds us that when we can see the truth about ourselves. Our various parts. Our neighbors. We come home. We rest. In Unity. The only place where peace is sought and found.

Namaste in Love Lighworker. Shine on.

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