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Whispering Trees

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about presence (you may have noticed).

As I was walking this morning, I was noticing the trees. Some of them were in full bloom with fragrant pink flowers. Others with tender green buds. Some lay dormant, a skeleton of life to be.

What’s interesting is that none of these trees are striving. Working so hard to keep up with the others. They’re just being a tree, happy to be right where they are at.

From my perspective their timing is wonderful. If all of the trees bloomed at the same time, there would be months where I would have less beauty to behold. But because these trees bloom intermittently, nature’s great canvas is always beautiful in its diversity.

I wonder if humans are a little bit like these trees. Some of us bloom early and bright-giving others hope to the possibilities. Others might be a little bit shy, taking their time to bloom, often when the winter is coldest.

My point? I need the vibrant early redbuds just as much as I need the steady winter pines. They each have treasures to offer me. And, truly, so do these diverse people in my life.

We each have gifts to give, and they often manifest in their own divine timing. Early. Late. We are all right where we need to be.

So maybe we can all bloom in our own right time. Oblivious to the pressure of the world. Our spirituality will manifest just when it is needed. And you never know how inspiring you might be to someone just strolling through your life, looking for meaning in the unwritten morning light.

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