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What the World Needs Now...Is Cake, Sweet Cake-ACIM Lesson #229

Love, Which created me, is what I am.

Have you ever lost your ID? What a hot mess. You have to go get another license from the DMV. Stand in line. Brush your hair.

It’s a lot.

Not to mention the fear of who has the darn thing. What they are doing with it?

What if they are pretending to be you doing something nefarious….

Here’s the good thing about losing your ID. Your phone. Or anything else we might have identified as uber-earthly important: It’s not actually who we are. The labels. The job credentials. The social media presence. All just icing on the already perfectly baked cake that is you. That is Love.

When we step outside (or even when forced to step outside) of our earthly identities. When things don’t go as planned. When parts of our identity are lost or challenged. We may feel a bit lost or unsure of ourselves. Of what our next steps might be. And in this space of non attachment lies the opportunity to remember who we truly are with Source. To reinvent ourselves in the Love.

Sweet love.

That has always been present and transcendent.

Simple. Pure. Us. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And while icing is delicious, the cake is the vehicle that makes all that yummy fluff possible. Be the cake dear friends. Step away from the labels and trust the substance. And, oh yeah, remember you are love. I hear it’s the only thing there’s just too little of ; )

Namaste LightWorker!

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