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We're #1! ACIM Lesson #328.

I choose the second place to gain the first.

The world can sometimes seem like a place of chaos. Everywhere on the news we find sickness, loss, death, heartache. This separation has become society’s go-to. The pervading belief that we accept as true.

Lesson 328 says-wait a minute folks. What we believe is truth-the thoughts of anguish and hurt we perceive as ‘first’ in our minds-are really secondary.

Being ‘wholly safe, eternally at peace’ is our true destiny. The rest is just upside-down thinking we have accepted as truth. What is really the illusion of the dominant paradigm (aka what bleeds leads).

But there is a second choice. A choice for hope. A choice for acceptance. A choice of love. Which can become first. All we have to do is place our focus where we want our reality. Right smack in the belief that love is our true go-to.

So today I’ll take the red ribbon over the blue please. I’ll take what has been traditionally second place (aka a life of hope & happiness) first. Because even though dessert is traditionally served second. And we often save the best for last…I call BS. I’ll have it right meow.

Grateful for each of you today LightWorkers.


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