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Walking in an Attitude of Gratitude. ACIM Review VI: Lesson #215

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me./Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

Lately my connection to the earth has felt greater. More magical. It is Summer here in the Western Hemisphere and the flowers are blooming. The tomatoes popping. Even the birds are singing songs of appreciation.

Sometimes I sit on my porch with my beloved cup of coffee and just breathe it all in. The mist. The sunrise. Even the light playing in the clouds during the early morning hours. It is glorious.

And while this may seem like meaningless drivel. This is the stuff that makes up our lives. A palette of beautiful it is all too easy to overlook when I am rushing to work or doing laundry.

Lesson 215 invites me to walk the talk of spiritual awakening. To stop in any moments I feel harried or pressured. And to appreciate one single element of nature that moves me. A dancing cloud. A bird twittering by.

Nature brings us back to center. And reminds us of the wide swath of perspective we are actually living in-beyond our tiny worries.

Walk the talk of gratitude today dear friends. I invite you (or double-dog-dare you) to witness the splendor of our lives in gratitude. The blessings of nature that we receive in every moment. Walk into the beauty of the Earth and remember what a beauty and a privilege the gifts of Mother Nature can bring.

Happy Appreciation Day LoveWorkers! I appreciate YOU.

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