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Turtles of the World Unite! ACIM Review V: Lesson #172

God is but Love, and therefore so am I./In my defenselessness my safety lies. I am among the ministers of God.

Yesterday I tried on a new group of people.

These things make me a bit uncomfortable.

I am, unfortunately, not a socially graceful gazelle of a gal. I’m more of a turtle. A cute little turtle. Hovering in her shell. Popping her tiny head out once and awhile. Afraid of being smacked for my insolence.

So, well, it took a bit to put myself out there. To leave the shell of my habitual existence.

The evening was going along ok. The world wasn’t signing up to be my bestie. But I am an acquired flavor. I’m like that new food people say “Well that’s interesting…I’m not sure what I think about it…But the more I eat it….”

I digress.

A question popped into my head. My turtle-brain said “Oh no you don’t! Do NOT ask. Keep your mouth shut until you get the temperature of these peeps.” But my heart wanted to. And, in the spirit of honoring it (and because, in truth, I was already out of the shell) I asked.

It was not a particularly provocative question. But the person who answered was uniquely passionate about the topic. As such, I, in true turtle fashion, used the wrong terminology. And was subsequently corrected.

My introverted self was crushed. I should have listened to my turtle-brain! My ego said. The shell is much, much warmer and more toasty than this worldly discomfort!

And, in some ways, it is.

But in others not so much. I would never have learned the proper terminology had I not left the shell. In fact, I would probably never learn much of anything.

Even when our egos feel bruised and battered, Lesson 172 reminds us that there is no such thing as attack. That, far from berating me, this beloved is simply an expression of love. Sharing the gift of her knowledge to create our at-one-ness.

And, unless I accept my monkey/turtle-brain’s idea that I am only my fragile ego, I can remember that my God/Source-self is timeless. Undamageable. That there is no such thing as attack from another when we remember who we are. Emissaries of the Divine. And in this our safety lies.

Turtles of the world Unite!

I say my Dear Ones. We can poke our heads gently from the dark abyss of our security with love & confidence. Knowing that in our defenselessness our safety lies.

Namaste LightChasers!

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