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Trash Talk...Lesson 37 ACIM

My holiness blesses the world.

Lesson 37 offers a little play on words in my mind. Holiness. Wholeness. It is truly one and the same (on multiple levels).

It states that when I go out my door and get grumpy about picking up random trash on my daily walk, I am buying into the dominant paradigm of separation. Of me vs you. Instead of the at-one-ness that truly exists.

Because each time I judge my brother/sister without knowing their story, I am inviting more of the same. Fear. Lack. Scarcity. In lieu of our togetherness. Love. Creative solutions. Peace.

Lesson 37 invites us to take a closer look at the people around us. To, in fact, go beyond refraining from my curmudgeon-like cursing, and to bless those who have yet to see. To remind them that whole-ness still exists. A place where we take care of each other, rather than judging one-another.

And this light of forgiveness extends to everyone and everything we see. Including ourselves.

So today I’ll use Lesson 37’s exercise. When I see that trash. Or that news feed. Or hear a snarky comment. I’ll say to myself My holiness Blesses you (Insert X).

And in doing so I’ll find the blessing of at one-ness within myself.

Blessings to you Dearest Holy ones. With Love & Light.

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