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Tom Brady-Ba Humbug!

“Every time you judge someone, you reveal a part of yourself that still needs healing...Recognize that the other person is you.”-Timber Hawkeye

Anyone who knows me well understands that I have one. And only one, nemesis.

Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is a successful football quarterback. Tom Brady is probably the most decorated (superbowl rings) quarterback ever. Tom Brady fitness genius. Damn you Tom Brady.

Watching the Superbowl last night, I had an epiphany about my nemesis Tom Brady. He was kicking ass-(as usual) when in started my monkey brain thoughts-Really Tom Brady winning AGAIN?! Why does Tom Brady get all of the success?! Can’t you share the love with anyone else Tom Brady!!???

Then I made a decision. In the middle of my monkey brain thoughts I stopped. Took a step back. And dove in for a deeper look.

What exactly is it that bothers me about Tom Brady? I asked myself. I mean, truly, I don’t even know the guy.

Weeeelll, he’s successful. He wins at everything he does. He works really hard. He is amazingly fit.

Sounds dreadful right?

Here’s the skinny. My feelings actually have nothing to do with Tom Brady. Again, I do not even know the dude. But what I do know is a disowned part of myself.

My thoughts on Tom Brady reflect a hierarchy I buy into. That there are the have’s and the have-not’s in the world. That abundance is not freely available. And that all the Tom Brady’s in the world are hoarding all the good juju.

The truth of the matter is, in the soul-department, we are all completely equal in abundance. No soul is greater than another. And no one’s journey trumps another’s. My soul’s purpose is just as important as the great Tom Brady’s. And here’s the gift-so is yours.

Abundance is freely available. And joy is our birthright and our purpose. And your journey is just as important to the Universe as a big-badass quarterback.

So next time I see Tom Brady I will try to smile. Recognizing that in the grand scheme of things-he is a part of me and I of him. His successes are mine from a unity perspective.

And while I don’t have to LOVE watching him eviscerate my beloved Chiefs. I can certainly recognize that he’s not so far from who I am. For our shadows are really just an outline of ourselves. Not bad or good, just a different angle of the light. Well played, Tom Brady, well played.


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