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This Girl is on FIRE!

“Everything you want to be you already are, and you’re simply on the path to discovering it.”-Alicia Keys

Have you ever met someone who just glowed? Think the Dalai Lama or Gandhi or Alicia Keys.

There is a particular glow or fire within that seems sewn into their being.

This is what Deepak Chopra calls Sat Chit Ananda-a conscious knowing of complete fulfillment.

There is a parable that demonstrates just this principle:

One there was a woman who went walking to a stream. Along the way she looked down and found a beautiful stone, priceless in its worth. She picked up the stone and continued to the stream.

Once there, she washed her face and hands. When she got up she saw a man who pleaded with her to give him food.

The woman picked up her bag and opened it to offer some sustenance. Noticing the stone and recognizing its value, he asked the woman for the stone instead.

“With this stone I could feed myself for a lifetime!” he exclaimed. “Could I have this stone instead?”

Without hesitation the woman gave the man the stone and walked away.

Scant days passed and the woman was cleaning her hands in the same stream. After washing off, she again noticed the same man waiting on the bank.

“What can I help you with sir?” said the woman.

“I have changed my mind. I want whatever it is that made you give me the stone.”

What made the woman share her stone? The vedic principle-Sat Chit Ananda-the fire within.

This fire is a knowing we all possess but is easily forgotten. The principle demonstrates a deep connection to the divine, and to the realization that we are here to grow. In service and consciousness.

The good news is each moment we get to choose this rediscovery-to grow ourselves in light. To find our path to this fire within.

Like the woman at the stream, we have an opportunity to share this light. It is wonderfully contagious.

Each time you offer a smile or help a friend, you remind the world that this positive energy is present. Shine on light workers.

With gratitude for every ember of hope you offer to one-another.


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