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The top 3 Things I love about Dani Rojas

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

“Football is LIFE!”-Dani Rojas, Ted Lasso

Dani Rojas is a character in Ted Lasso.

Ted Lasso is a series on Apple TV about an American football coach from Wichita who goes to Britain to coach a soccer team.

Ted (played by Jason Sudeikis), is eternally optimistic. Kind and generously gracious.

One day, however, Ted is going through a divorce. This makes him a little less than his optimistic self. The team isn’t doing well. His star player has an attitude problem…you get the gist.

Life is a little less than awesome for our hero Ted.

Enter Dani Rojas.

Dani Rojas is a mysterious player who, until this episode, has been on the injured list for the season. No one has actually met Dani Rojas.

As Ted is feeling frustrated with his life, Dani Rojas bursts onto the soccer field, practically vibrating with joy. He is running around, expertly dribbling his soccer ball, while shouting at the top of his lungs “FOOTBALL IS LIFE!”.

Dani Rojas is joyous.

Dani Rojas is captivating.

Dani Rojas convinces, even a downtrodden Ted, to find his inner optimism once again.

I want to be Dani Rojas.

Or at least channel his inner zest for life (Or his luxurious locks of hair. I’m not sure which I want more).

Here are the 3 things I dig about Rojas:

1. His contagious optimism. Dani not only turns around his coach. His infectious joy eventually converts his entire team to be believers in themselves. Can you imagine putting out that kind of healing energy into the world? I want to go to there.

2. His presencing in the moment. Dani is genuinely excited just to play the game. While I occasionally (maybe more) get caught up in outcomes and controlling my environment, good old Dani….well, he’s just living in the moment. Enjoying every goal. I would love to be able to say the same.

3. Hi self-confidence. Like Lasso, Rojas is not afraid to approach anyone, even those who are not so friendly to him. At one point in the episode, he approaches the striker he is replacing, and a shoot out ensues. He jumps right in & emerges victorious. He is not cocky. Just enjoying every single goal he is participating in. He is as refreshingly excited about hitting the target on goal number one…as he is on goal # 4.

So yes, I think Dani Rojas is my new hero. From now on I just might run around shouting my name victoriously wherever I roam (i.e he often runs around saying Dani Rojas! Dani Rojas! Dani Rojas!).

Well....maybe I won’t go THAT far, but I’ll certainly channel my inner Dani. And I'll try to tap into the vibe of unrelenting joyfulness that exists within his buoyant heart.

This week’s prescription: I suggest trying on your inner Dani Rojas. Look for your inner child who was delighted with everything she/he loves the most. And embrace them with his unchecked enthusiasm.

Shine on light chasers!

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