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The Sky is Falling...Not so Much. ACIM Lesson #323

I gladly make the “sacrifice” of fear.

Fear is often coined ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. Some media encourage us to be addicted to fear. War is imminent, famine is everywhere, natural disasters abound. Our brother is our heartless enemy...

But if everything is love. If everything is God/Source/Divine-what do we truly have to fear? And do any of these the sky-is-falling predictions track with our true selves?

This is not to underplay some very real issues the world has to bring. But what would happen if we looked past the illusion that we are always under attack, and listened to those who desperately needed to be heard and seen?

Lesson 323 asks us to do just this. To let go of the separation. Let go of the animosity. Let go of our fearful thinking. And exchange it for a shiny new perspective (no receipt required).

Peace is not attained through pushing or striving or strong-arming the outcome.

It is attained by love. Let go. Connect deeply. And find the peace you have been searching for.


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