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The Monsters in my Head-ACIM Lesson 27

Above all else I want to see.

Lesson 27 is one of my ACIM favorites. Above all else I want to see.

It reminds me of when, as a kid, the boogey-man loomed beneath my bed.

Scared. Desperate. I would hold my little hands over my eyes and hope what I was imagining would spontaneously fade away.

Lesson 27 asks us to not be afraid. To put our reservations aside and to see the truth behind all thoughts.

That love reigns and that we can choose to see love or fear. Peace or war. Kindness and compassion.

And if the boogey-man of negative thinking or fear comes to call, it even gives a practice to banish these fearful thoughts-Vision has no cost to anyone, it can only bless.

So today if you are seeing monsters in the closet of your mind-Lesson 27 invites us to release. Believe. Understand that these thoughts are only temporary projections of our fears and worries.

Slam that freakin’ door and ask to see what’s really there to see-Love. Only love.

Namaste sweet Light Workers.

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