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Tell Suffering to Buzz off! ACIM Lesson # 285

My holiness shines bright and clear today.

Has anyone ever played the boardgame Taboo? Taboo is a wordsmithing game I used to love as a kid.

The ‘reader’ has a word they are trying to get the participants to say without using a few choice words on a list. Of course, these are the easiest words to use.

So, for example, if you were trying to get your fellow contestants to say ‘apple’ you couldn’t use ‘tree’ or ‘pie’ to get them to say it. And you can’t use any part of the word.

There is also a word-monitor with a buzzer looking over your shoulder. So, if you unintentionally use one of the forbidden words… *BUZZ* Right in the ear. (I’m pretty sure my sisters took pleasure in the buzzer-portion of this game).

Today I think I would pay to have this buzzer go off every time I choose suffering over joy. A monitor asking that I remember the happy things of life when grief and loss come to call.

But wait! ACIM 285 reminds us we have just such a judicious monitor at our disposal. We have but to ask for our holy joy to show up in life to see beyond any delusions of suffering. This doesn’t necessitate a spiritual bypass of our feelings. But it does invite us to get in touch with the perspective of light and love we were made to shine in the world. The one waiting through any clouds of fear or heartache..

Shine on. Clear and Bright Lightworkers.

You were made for this.


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