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Source Take the Wheel-ACIM Lesson #223

God is my life. I have no life but his.

Ok, does this one sound controlling or is it just me? (perhaps I’m projecting)

I have no life but HIS? It makes Source sound so masochistic.

My life is my own. I get up in the morning. I put my pants on (most days). And I make my own coffee and go to work.

And I rage….And I get frustrated….And I am bored…Or disenchanted…Or sad…..Or full of mistakes and regret…Wait a minute. Hmmmmm….

Lesson 223 reminds me that when I think I am in control, Source takes its hands off of my wheel. In a free will Universe, Source is anything but masochistic or controlling. In fact, Source will let me drive myself right off of that proverbial cliff if I ask to (though my overtaxed Guardian Angel might intervene).

But there is a different choice.

I can choose to engage and resonate with the frustrations of the world…Or I can choose to look for a higher vibration. To seek the one-ness of infinite possibilities I feel exist in my heart as my true destiny. To remember that piece of Source that lives within. What I came here for. To live at one with this purpose of Unity.

The power of Source awaits only our acknowledgement to connect with this reward says 223. There are no mistakes when we are one with the truth of who we are. Powerful Universal beings, waiting to mobilize our unique brand of amazing to co-create a world full of the peace, safety, and compassion for all.

Namaste LightWorker

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