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Selective Amnesia. ACIM Lesson #288.

Let me forget my brother’s past today.

I’ll admit it. I sometimes put my religious leaders on a pedestal. Or famous people. I’ve been known to have a fan-girl crush on chef Brooke Williamson and author Pam Grout.

I have, at times, thought they must know some secret sauce to life I haven’t determined the recipe for. I follow them with eager anticipation of what juicy tidbit of life they will reveal to me.

But the truth is-this is just another way I separate myself from the All-That-Is. I mean, listening to Rob Lowe’s Literally podcast alone shows me celebs are real folks too. Going through the same feelings and obstacles I see in myself.

So why is it so hard to see that we are all one? And why does receiving a dissenting opinion make me feel like I am playing whac-a-mole with my own thoughts?

Lesson 288 reminds me that all of these opinions I have about others are just a story I am recreating from a past that is said and done. To know our Soul is to know our fellow Earth Walkers are just as close to Source as we are. Even when we don’t understand. Even when we feel lost to the tides of a world that is confusing at best.

288 encourages us to release any perceived wrongs that have done or been done in the past. To let go of what we think is wrong in others. And in doing so, to gain forgiveness of ourselves. It is the one-way street to reconnect to our oneness. The single road that is our path to Source.

What we see in another is always just another version of ourselves. Showing us a part of ourselves that needs to be healed. To be loved. To be accepted. And to remember that as we forgive, we are forgiven. That this love we show to another, we show to ourselves.

You are the light of holiness reflected in that other. Release. Let go. And find the way back to your true self LightWorker.

Namaste LightWorker

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