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Say my Name, Say my Name...ACIM Lesson #244

I am in danger nowhere in the world.

Yesterday I was leaving work when I noticed a man sitting on a ledge outside of my parking garage. He was highly agitated and screaming about his hate for people. Like really loud.

The spiritual part of me wondered if I could help. Who had hurt him so badly that he felt such pain. Such anguish.

The corporeal part….well, she hightailed her but right out of there fast.

Lesson 244 reminds me that I am in no actual danger, anywhere in the world. And while I do not advocate for ignoring your personal safety, these instances are certainly opportunities to remember we are more than this flesh monkey suit we walk around in. We are connected in Source.

And even this beloved, despite the role he was pretending to play, has a unique mission and a purpose to bring to this very lifetime. In this vein I advocate for Lesson 244’s bag of tricks instead of my own fear:

AKA When in doubt, call the name of God/Source/Universe.

To the situation to the person. To yourself.

And there, indeed, do we stand in truth. In the safety of the warm embrace of Source. In the hallowed haven in the eye of storm. Secure as kittens in my living room (here’s a hint, you can’t get much safer).

Rest today in this safety and peace Dear LightWorkers.


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