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Response-Ability, ACIM Review #2: Lesson 82

The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness/ Let me not forget my function

I am a crazy cat lady. I probably should have led with that a long time ago.

As such I have many cat stories. Here’s one:

After bringing our bush kitty in the house, we noticed he tended to have personal space issues. As in…he has none. Personal space that is. He gets up in my cat of 13 years face, even when our older cat swipes at him.

He is relentless.

The funny part is that no matter how many times my older cat Punch swipes at him, our new cat (CJ) keeps coming back for more. He never holds a grudge. He just tries to heal the rift. Over and over again.

I can learn a lot from bush kitty. To let go of old grievances I carry. To heal any wounds my judgement or resentment leaves at the door of my perception. And if my dear CJ can change my stubborn mindset about my fellow earth walkers-imagine what peace can extend from yours?

Today we can choose to share our light with the world. To see our neighbors Divinity just as it is. And to watch the peace that unfolds as a result of this beautiful contagion.

Lesson #82 reminds us that our function is this peace, joy and forgiveness. In spite of what we may see in the world. And if we forget, here’s a catchy little ditty to remind us:

Let me detach from this moment.

Today I invite you to use each moment as an opportunity to forgive, learn and grow in order to fulfill our function. This may threaten the ego, but it can’t change your true light in any way.

Namaste LightWorkers!

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