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Remembering our Truth-ACIM Lesson #167

There is one life, and that I share with God.

Occasionally I might misremember something. Something, I was certain happened. Like visiting a restaurant. Or winning the Super Bowl. You know. Little things.

Just yesterday I was telling the story of visiting a trail in Tahoe with my partner. Of how we entered this magical cove with breathtaking views. It was glorious.

But he had never been there. Only me.

Lesson 167 reminds me that no matter how many times we may misremember who we are, the truth patiently waits for us to recall we are one with Source. That joy and happiness is just waiting for us to remember it is there. That thoughts of unhappiness or despair, while valid emotions, are just disturbances our mind has misremembered.

Lesson 167 makes the bold claim that any ideas that disturb us simply can not originate from a mind created in unity. The ideas from our Source have no opposite. No good or bad. Our holy minds are perfection. Which return us to a peaceful place. Reflecting our true joy

My sweet partner gently reminded me of who was actually on the hike. Similarly God/Source will always remind us of our true life and light. Our authentic Self. Our holiness.

Let your truest hearts awaken today Dear Light Chasers. Namaste.

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