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Only You. ACIM Lesson #287.

You are my goal, my Father. Only You.

Have I mentioned I am objective-driven? Oh yes, my dear readers, I love, love LOVE a good check-mark on my to-do list.

This probably shocks…no one. But it’s true. Every day I make a lovely little to-do list. They live on thousands of paper-shrapnel’s that pollute my dear partner’s existence.

It’s lovely around here. Like type-A confetti.

But Lesson 287 gives me a little Whoa There on my ego-party. And reminds me that there are other goals beyond my dishes. Baseboards. Or even my precious books (and they are my precious, make no mistake).

There is the space beyond the baseboards my loves. A calling greater than my habit-energies. A gift I never have to deserve. Earn. Or even cross out to ensure it is accomplished. It already is.

And what earthly things could ever substitute for this happiness? Have they ever left us feeling complete before? Or do they simply leave us wanting. Striving for that which can never fill our heavenly Souls in truth. There is no gold or material treasures that can compare to your beautiful Identity LightWorker. The truth of who you are beyond this earth suit.

Our goal is this in truth my friends. Not our dailies. Not our fears. Not even our insecurities or seeming accomplishments.

Only you. Only one. Only at peace in the wholeness that has always been yours to live.


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