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Only Love is Real. ACIM Lesson #293

All fear is past, and only love is here.

It is getting close to Halloween and my partner LOVES a good scary movie to celebrate. Scream. Freddy Kruger (aka Nightmare on Elm Street). Friday the 13th.

As adrenaline pumping as these flicks are there is one thing that unites them all-they are finite. Over in 2-3 hours. And our blood pressure almost always returns to baseline at the end. Once the source of fear is gone-our thoughts, emotions and bodily chemical return to normal in its absence.

And so it is, says Lesson 293.

Though our thoughts may track with Fright-Night. When we stop the films of fear in our minds-only love is here. We are safe. Well-loved. Love is always in our present moment dear LightWorker.

Especially the ones that frighten us.

Waiting for us to wake up. To remember our frightening thoughts are just the stage we play upon once and awhile. That love is the foundation of everything we do. Let the past pass. Let your innate love shine in the reflection of your holy light. Hear the choir of gratitude drown out the world’s scary theme song.

Love is here. It is you. Namaste in peace LightWorker.

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