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If you have ever watched the 90’s show Seinfeld you may remember that Jerry, the lead, had a nemesis. Newman.

Newman is a post office worker. He is jealous of Jerry. Always trying to get him in trouble. And Jerry knew it.

He would often exclaim NEWMAN! in troubling circumstances when his nemesis was being particularly ornery.

Newman is a lot like my ego. It’s always trying to get me in trouble. To make me believe the world is a desperate place. That there’s no good to be found. It even tells me (on my worst days)- that I’ll never be good enough.

But the truth of the matter is-there are miracles everywhere. A course in miracles states there is no order in miracles. The greatest and the least are all the same.

Taking this to heart-there are miracles all around me. The trees. The rain. Hugs from my loved ones (including the cat). All of these are miracles in action, living both inside and outside of myself.

The heartening thing about Seinfeld (aka my most miraculous internal narrative), is that he always won out in the end. Newman never got the best of him. In fact, Newman was really just a lesser character in the larger drama of the show.

And so it is with us. We have the infinite capacity to put our ego aside. To allow our best, most miraculous self to transform this love in the world and allow it to shine through.

When we recognize the Newman within ourselves in awareness, we can become the person we are destined to be. A Universal expression of our greatest good. A light in the darkness. And a beacon of love for the light in one-another.

Here’s to remembering to say NEWMAN! When our negative ego comes to call today. And to a miraculous, victorious ascension into the best version of our miraculous self.

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