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Net Positive-ACIM Lesson 242

This day is God’s. It is my gift to Him.

On my morning walks I like to try a little experiment.

I call it Net Positive.

In this experiment I look for at least 1-2 pieces of trash on the ground and pick them up. Simple right?

In my beautiful-mind arithmetic I decided if I dump no trash. And I pick up 1-2 pieces of trash. It is a Net Positive for the earth. Right?

Lesson 242 says we can apply the same Net Positive math to this very day. If we see a person. And we keep our energy high. Then we lift up that person. It is the same as picking up trash-Net Positive. It is a privilege. And a choice. To give up thoughts of negativity. Of pain. And to strive for the Net Positive-wishing our fellow beloveds safe, happy, abundant lives.

And the great thing about my math? It works in reverse too. If you perchance need a Net Positive yourself-it waits there for you in my new math to receive.

Unsure this will work? Lesson 242 asks us to open our minds to the possibility. That what we give we can receive. And that our Source has an infinite supply of Net Positive gifts for us all to share.

Namaste LightWorker. Shine on!

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