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Moves Like Jagger...ACIM Lesson #66

My happiness and my Function are one.

One of my favorite movies is Hitch. In a nutshell Hitch is about a dude that gets paid to help other peeps date the person of their dreams.

In an iconic scene, Hitch, aka Will Smith, is attempting to teach his prodigy how to dance. Albert, said prodigy, begins breaking into some very memorable moves. His moves include Starting the fire….Discarding a Q-Tip…..Even making pizza.

In response Hitch tries to explain “You live right here” dancing subtly, “This is home”. “You don’t need no pizza. They got food there”. It is funny. Classic. It makes me hoot with laughter every time I see it.

But Hitch doesn’t just have a message for poor Albert. He’s got one for us as well.

Our function is our home too. Happiness. Anchored in our subtle, peaceful interactions with one-another. In lieu of the crazy shenanigans I usually dance to satisfy my ego.

While I think I am an excellent dancer. Achieving. Acquiring things. Dancing all the crazy moves my ego believes are my function…My Source awaits. Like a handsome Will Smith, asking me to remember where my true home is.

So while my ego’s Albert-like moves can be hilarious. Today let me remember that my home is a calm island of happiness, amidst the chaos of my own making. And that the connection to this happiness is how we tell the difference between ego and true function.

Is it joyful? Does it bring you peace? Then it is rooted in our functional truth. Is it fearful? Is it panicked? Then it is rooted in the illusions of ego.

What is happiness is Love. Your happiness is your function.

All else is just the ego dancing outrageous pizza-moves on our brains. Entertaining. But I’ll choose Will Smith any day.

Namaste LightWorkers.

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