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Moo-ore than Enough

“The cow grazes till nightfall, full and fat, but during the night she panics and grows thin as a single hair. What shall I eat tomorrow? There is nothing left. By dawn the grass has grown up again, waist high.”-Rumi

Yesterday was a weird day. Maybe you know them. The days when you feel a certain sense of disquiet, for no reason at all.

Yesterday, I had all the time in the world and none of the appreciation for that time. What should I be doing?! I thought. I never have this much time. I should be productive!

Like the cow, I was worried. Thinking I wouldn’t have enough time in my tomorrows to consider myself accomplished.

But this morning I woke up and the sunshine was filtering in through the windows cheerfully. The birds were chirping. And my grass (aka time) had grown up, once again, to greet me with opportunity.

What is your grass today friends? What are the things you worry about not having enough of, only to find you had just enough of what you really needed?

The Universe gives us exactly what we need in the moment. Grass. Time. Even painful growth at times.

My take? I think I’ll try to be patient. Understanding we truly live in a world of abundance.

May your grass grow high this week. Your hopes reach for the stars. And may you live in wonder of the beautiful feast of life that stretches on the horizon before you. Namaste dear ones.

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