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Looking for the Rogue Sock

Does anyone else have rogue socks in their life? You know the ones that turn up after you remove a load from the dryer.

Where, exactly do these magical anomalies come from?!? No matter how vigilant I try to be with the matching…rogue socks.

Without partners.

Sometimes I feel like a rogue sock myself. I misinform myself that I am alone on this earth, roaming around trying to make it. It causes me to feel isolated, and to attack my neighbor to try to gain a false sense of security.

To supposedly protect my lonely self.

But then there’s this magical moment of finding my partner sock. Of looking in the laundry basket to see that perfect match.

How did that get there? I ask myself (inwardly cheering disproportionate to the find).

Maybe it was there the whole time.

My point? We often spend a lifetime looking to connect. We seek others on our path. We do the self-help work. We meditate. We do all of the awesome things....But we may still feel disconnected-like we are missing a piece of ourselves.

Our perfect sock-match.

But when I can look a little deeper. When I slow down and gently probe further into my laundry basket of self….I can sometimes find the divine.

My partner in this life. My true north. My rogue sock match. Which was, by the way, truly there all along. Just waiting for me to find it amidst my self-induced chaos.

My take? Dig deep. Love more. Connect with your inner sock; ) it has been waiting for you to find it all along.

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