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Living Our Truth-ACIM Lesson #70

My salvation comes from me.

I love a good second opinion. I often seek to find validation for my thoughts and dreams.

Do you think I should do this Marge?


Well, I guess I’ll go ask Sandy then.

I seek and seek to affirm what my heart already knows. I look outside of myself. And when my thoughts don’t conform to what others tell me is acceptable…well, you can only imagine how acceptable that conundrum is to my monkey-brain.

Shame. Self-doubt. Guilt for not believing what is so clearly true for others.

I’ll just say it. These are the poo-thought-bombs my monkey-brain loves to throw upon my conscience.

Lesson 70 asks me to consider looking a little deeper than this superficial excrement my mind would have me believe. To understand that if I can find guilt bombs flying around in my monkey brain-I can also find healing and unconditional friendship with what my soul resonates with as truth.

Lesson 70 reminds me that I can rely on myself for one reason and one reason only-I am Divine.

And so are you.

The sweet soul expressing as you in this lifetime was born to live. In freedom. In congruence with the truth your very being is commanding you deserve to live out.

Thoughts of climbing a mountain? Yes your soul says. This is yours. Thinking of writing a book? Yes. Believe and receive. Dying to sing Lady Gaga karaoke? Go get it. The most secret dreams of your heart. The ones your monkey-brain throws away as impractical. These are the very dreams that are your salvation.

So shut-it monkey. YES, these were put on your heart for a reason. And they will lead you to the next big amazing that is yours to live.

If you forget today, remind yourself that your creative dreams come from the Divinity within. That nothing outside of yourself can ever interfere with your dreams to hold back this amazing truth.

Live out loud today my dearest friends. You are a creator. Designed to create what only you can imagine for this planet. Express what is authentically you. And make this world a magical creative expression of our Divinity in action.

Imagine what a wonderful world full of Divine creations it could be….

Namaste Divine Creators.

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