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Living A Life Less Ordinary-ACIM Lesson #65

My only function is the one God gave me.

Sometimes I worry about ACIM.

I only have one function!?! Please.

Doesn’t ACIM know I have lots to DO? Carpets to vacuum. Laundry lying listlessly in my dryer, begging for me to fold it. Dinner to mak. On…And On…And On….

Lesson 65 reminds me that I think these are my functions. In fact, I even make them so by allowing them to be the priority of my life. For example, rather than taking a walk and experiencing the beauty of the All-That-Is, I hide inside and do the dishes. Rather than petting my copious & beautiful cats-I run around dusting.

None of these things are bad. But when I live a life of mis-placed functions over substance….Well, it can leave me feeling a little bit grumpy-monkey, out of sorts.

Our soul knows when we are getting lost in our busy. When we are limiting ourselves by focusing on the mundane things in life. If we are preventing our light from illuminating thoughts of darkness and preoccupation. And my soul, much more than crunchy laundry, is begging for the extraordinary instead.

Our tasks will not bring us peace my dear friends. And the satisfaction we glean from the things of this world are only temporary. Transient. And often meaningless.

You are more than the job in front of you. In fact, we are made from the stones of infinity that color our very souls. You have greatness within you. And this world deserves to see it shine.

Let go of the ordinary, in favor of your magnificence. Let it shine in peace and love upon this world of division. The Universe wants nothing other than your thoughts of creativity, transcendence, and peace to bless this World.

Shine on LightWorker.

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