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Limitless ACIM Lesson 103

God, being Love, is also happiness. [W-p1.103.8.1]

The other day I was in Home Depot, the garden store. My partner & I were busy picking out the things to create our annual garden when we went to the checkout line.

There were two lines. And the man in the one next to us started up a chat about what we were doing with our garden and the trees he was planting. He was smiling the whole time and utterly delightful.

After we checked out I noticed his line was held up and the cashier waved him over. But he stopped and asked the guy in front of him to go instead.

After we loaded our bricks I heard the sound of the cashier laughing uproariously. As I looked back. Of course. Same man.

Tosha Silver, in her book It's not Your Money says she has a theory about people like my garden-store friend. That "many of the most evolved beings on the planet aren’t in the limelight whatsoever. They’re just regular folks living with joy, dignity, and sometimes laserlike precision…”. Knowing what it's all about. Living, at Lesson 103 reminds us, in the limitless joy of God/Universe. Embodying happiness. BE-ing the joy we wish to see everywhere.

My take? Plant the seeds. Spread the joy. Be the limitless source you were always created to be. And when it gets tough? Piggyback on a garden-friend to remind you that God/Universe embodies in the strangest places. In the most pleasant faces. Just for you.

Namaste Dear Ones.

All quotes are from A Course in Miracles, copyright ©1992, 1999, 2007 by the Foundation for Inner Peace, 448 Ignacio Blvd., #306, Novato, CA 94949, and, used with permission.

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