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Let the Clouds Pass You By! ACIM Review V: Lesson #178

God/Source is but Love and therefore so am I. / Let my mind not deny the thought of God/Source. I am entrusted with the gifts of God.

Yesterday I had a pretty simple day. Some plans got canceled so I hung out on my deck, watching the clouds jog by.

It was beautiful. The sun peeking through in angelic-like radiance.

Two guesses what I was doing?

Yup. Phone scrolling.

I need to put XYZ on the grocery list for next week. My parents are coming up so I should probably clean the house. Maybe it’s time for one of my infamous lists….

On and ON my monkey-brain rolled. And meanwhile those beautiful clouds kept passing me by.

Believe me, I get the allure of busy. But there is a difference between doing tasks in mindfulness and surrendering to the busy as a substitute for the life in front of us. There is a famous quote from Lao Tzu:

When nothing is done, Nothing is left undone.

It reminds me that when I am out of my present moment, I am missing the All-That-Is. The beauty of what life is trying to bring me. And, as Lesson 178 gently invites me to consider-my mind is denying the very Source/God that is, literally, passing by in front of me.

The Universe has given us so many gifts to receive and express. But when we fail to engage with the world in meaningful ways, we can miss the very moments God has given us to express these gifts. Source has entrusted you with the present moment for a reason.

Today I invite you to consider learning from my lack of presence. To witness all of the gifts that come to you in love. And, even more amazing, all you have to give.

P.s. And for God’s sake watch some clouds today! ; )

Namaste CloudWatcher!

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