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Leaving Your Wingman

Anyone born in or around the 80's has heard of the movie Top Gun. For those a bit younger Top Gun was a movie about fighter pilots who go to camp to compete against one-another for the title of-you guessed it-Top Gun. Much enthusiastic fun ensues.

In the movie Tom Cruise is flying his plane, trying to win the camp game, when he decides to pursue a rival plane. He is supposed to be flying to protect another pilot.

To be a good wingman.

But being a conceited yahoo, he goes rogue. Spoiler Alert: tragedy ensues.

But he grows. He evolves out of the tragedy. Later, when faced with a similar opportunity, he coins the signature line “I will NOT leave my wingman”.

Tom’s dilemma is very similar to one I face in my own life often. Only it’s not a wingman I abandon. It’s myself.

When I decide to put myself second. When I don’t take time for self-care. When I push myself just ONE more hour at work after I am tired. Or, worse. When I don’t hold the line of my ‘no’ and cave into pressure.

There are a million different ways we can abandon the wingman of ourselves. But, here’s the kicker-Our true self is the partner that’s always with us. That still, small wise voice that lives in our head. And when we don’t honor our boundaries to ensure that we feel cared for and nurtured, we leave ourselves flying rogue without an anchor.

It is at these times our personal Maverik (aka Tom Cruise’s character)-the ego-steps in and tells us stories like you aren’t good enough or don’t deserve those things that fill our souls. But when I can remember to choose to love myself anyway. When we can collectively love both our mistakes and our successes- We too can grow our lives from a tragedy to a blockbuster movie that can impact generations.

How are you standing up for yourself today? Will you allow the games of the ego to distract you from your true purpose? Or will you hold the line as your own wingman and protect yourself from the tragedy of abandoning yourself?

You are perfect, divine and deserve every drop of love you can possibly give yourself. You are enough. And your legacy is a contrail of hope and happiness jetting across your personal sky.

Namaste dear ones.

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