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Label Me Light-ACIM Lesson #69

My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

I have mentioned label-makers before. The machines that attach a label to everything.

This is a shelf for books. THIS is a document for taxes. THIS is a drawer for junk…

Labels help organize. They allow us to find things in the clutter of life.

But labels can also hide things. When I whip out my label-maker of thought for example, my grievances smack a big-old sticky right over the light that lives. And because we live in a world of label-makers, it can feel tough to navigate the world without them.

Lesson 69 asks us to forget the labels (aka grievances, aka ego-driven thoughts) about who & what we think we are, and try living free. To open to the possibility that there is indeed a Divine self, living in all of us. Just past the cloud of our perceptions. About people. About ourselves.

We are not the dishes. Or a parent. Or a job. Just for a moment, Lesson 69 asks us to see beyond these labels. To engage with the light that is hidden behind the clouds of our busy lives. These clouds are not the substance of our lives. They are simply a mirage of labels, obscuring our true essence.

What Lesson 69 beautifully illustrates, is the truth behind the labels. The brilliant light. We are light dear friends.

YOU are light. Pure genius.

And the things of this world. The labels and the to-dos, are no match for your Divine self. They can not stop you from reaching the light within. The Universe is waiting beloveds. The Divine itself is ripping off those name tags to reveal the only name you ever were-The Divine Christed Self, manifesting in truth.

Rest in the confidence this promise will be received. That the Divine in action is working through and as you in this very moment. Revealing the magnificent world of Lightworkers living just beyond our perceptions.

Namaste sweet friends.

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