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Kindness is Contagious

During the Pandemic I was afraid to leave my house. I was paranoid, washing everything (including my groceries), and just plain miserable.

This led to an odd sense of disconnection. Like I was Tom Hanks making friends with the inanimate volleyball-Wilson. Only my friend wasn’t a volleyball, it was my paranoia. And I wasn’t losing it any time soon.

In December, some new neighbors moved in next door. As I was dissecting their level of cleanliness and how this might affect my health, my neighbor was doing something very different-she was baking.

One day I stepped outside to find a lovely little package full of treats, waiting for me on the front porch. Happy Holidays! It said, including their names.

Well, sh** I thought. How lovely. What a miracle. While my ego was busy worrying about survival, working to enforce separateness and create walls of perceived safety-This kind person was excited to share her love via freely given confections. My heart softened.

So I made some treats. And left them on our neighbor’s porches.

And you know what? The very next day I received another care package-Some lovely hand-crafted ornaments made by a single mom in the neighborhood and her kids.

It taught me a lesson. It humbled me. And it reminded me that we are all connected. That we are one. And that we can spread our love like wildfire with the simple small deeds we do every day.

My point? Kindness is, indeed, contagious. And opening ourselves up to the unknown can bring us gifts greater than we can imagine. Little presents from the Universe, reminding us that there are still tons of good in the world waiting to be seen. Just beyond any anxious imaginings.

What small thing have you done today that made someone smile or lifted hearts today my friends? Even if it was simply holding open a door open or picking up a piece of trash-you are making this world a better place. Kindness is contagious friends. On the giving and the receiving ends.

In extreme gratitude for all of the kindness you are brave enough to share every day.


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