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Kibbles & Bits

This morning I was feeding the kitty when a rando piece of food leaped from me in a fit of joy. I looked and looked…and looked for the rogue piece of food. Even the cat got in on the action-sniffing the floor. No dice.

So I went ahead & completed my morning routine.

All of a sudden-an hour later-BAM. There it was (Check out the pic).

Life is funny like that. We can search & search for what it is we are looking for. We try and try to make happen what we think we need.

Then, when we just let it go…when we stop trying to control the outcome and relax-BAM, the Universe delivers.

Today I ask myself to surrender. To be present. To allow the kibbles of my life to show up when they are ready. When they are necessary for my greatest growth.

And I rest in the knowledge that I am always provided for.

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