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In the Toilet. ACIM Lesson #335

I choose to see my brother’s sinlessness.

Sometimes I get a little annoyed at my partner in life.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s great. He does a lot for me.

But I still get annoyed.

When he leaves the toilet seat down for example..ahhhh torture!

Lesson 335 reminds me that I am always in my choice. And I can choose, over my ego’s perceived annoyance, Divine right action. I can choose to see my beloved partner as he actually is (aka the Divine). Rather than as I perceive him to be in the world (aka rogue toilet seat man).

It is this very dualistic thinking that allows me to think that I am separate from everyone. To believe that my fellow LightChasers in this world can be anything but sinless in their attempts to pursue their personal truths.

And, in fact, we can never completely perceive (aka see) our brothers and sisters as they truly are. Because it is impossible to understand the totality of their lived experiences. The heartaches they have felt. The joys they have received.

The reflection of another is just another version of ourselves. Our own heartaches and joys projected into the eyes of our beloveds.

So when the outside world tries to tell me someone is innately bad. That there can be no good found in an individual. I’ll remind myself that the toilet is really just half full not half empty. (Oh, and that the cover just takes a moment to lift back up.)

Namaste LightWorker!

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