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Ignite. ACIM Lesson #350

Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love. To offer them is to remember Him, And through His memory to save the world.

The collapsing wave theory, while somewhat controversial, contends that what we look upon literally affects our reality. That by observing a wave we can change its physical essence.

And there is a body of evidence supporting the idea that we process only a fraction of the information we receive. Essentially, where we choose to focus our attention & thoughts matter.

So if I can, for example, focus on the beauty of the sunrise…rather than the spilled coffee on my shirt….I could potentially create more beauty and peacefulness in my life. And subsequently give this gift to everyone I meet. This gift of love is, well, nothing short of a miracle in a world of spilled coffee.

There is a sequence in ACIM that I try to recite every morning. I’ve mentioned it before (paraphrased):

Where would you have me go.

What would you have me do.

What would you have me say.

And to whom.

What miracles can we bring to our world today my dear friends? From one small shift in attention comes a ricochet of possibilities ignited. Bring the miracle. Be the fire. You. Are. Divine.

Namaste LightWorker. Shine on.

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