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I AM-Lesson 40 ACIM

I am a blessed as a Son of God

Om. Aum. I AM. The sound of the Universe. The all that is.

There is a great tradition in a myriad of religions behind ‘I AM’ statements.

Declarations of power and purpose wrapped up in a package of the Universe vibrating with a frequency of unity and love.

So when we say, as Lesson 40 states, I AM a blessed child of God-we are making a pretty profound declaration to the Universe. Asking to be in vibratory accord with the truest desires of our Divine selves.

And what, per say, might our Universal selves truly desire? To be happy, to be confident, to be full of peace and tranquility. And perfect balance.

Lesson 40 is a fun one to try out throughout your day. To remind ourselves: I AM perfect Divine peace in action. I AM tranquility and calm. I AM love in all I see.

These statements bring us into the head space to attract the very qualities we are focusing on. The only qualities that truly exist in our Divinity.

Happy hunting today for your perfect I AMs. The ones that make your heart sing. And your soul vibrate with the eternal sounds of love and contentment.

Namaste Light Worker!

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