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How to make a Universal Quilt. Prequel to ACIM Lessons # 271-280

What is the Christ?

You may remember the phrase from ACIM-We are as God created us. What exactly does that mean, you might ask.

Here’s my take.

I like to think of life as a tapestry. Like a beautiful quilt. And while we all have different threads. Some shiny. Some golden. Some broken. We are all essential parts of the picture that is life itself. United in Source. United in the pieces of the Christ that live within us all.

And the wonderful part? These pieces, these beautiful threads, can all change, depending on their exposure to the light. They may appear dull at first. Frayed or unrepairable. But this is just the a trick of the light, keeping us from truly seeing the bigger picture.

Our essence is still the same-Christ/Source linking us within. Untouched by any ill-repair the body’s eyes may perceive. Or stuck in any versions of ourselves the world may tell us we appear to be. But in the light of Christ/Source, our Holy Self is revealed. A perfect, beautiful tapestry of our Spirits united within.

See the Vision LightWorkers. The Holy Self. You are a thread in the block in the perfect vision of Christ/Source. Christ is one-ness. YOU are one-ness. Unique. Unrepeatable. And connected.

Namaste LightWalker.

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