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Hi God! ACIM Lesson #158

Today I learn to give as I receive.

A friend of mine is fond of saying “Hi God!” to everyone she meets. It is wonderful. Inclusive.

And extremely profound.

When she gives an acknowledgement of who this person really is (aka Source in Action), she sees that person as more than a body. She sees that person in their oneness with Source. When she sees a fellow human. She sees herself.

No matter what we or others may have done, beyond this illusion is a vision of holiness just waiting to be recognized. It lives there, undimmed by our perceptions of mistakes or guilt. Fear or blame.

This can be challenging when we feel hurt or unseen.

The good news is Lesson 158 tells us this perfect vision is timeless. Waiting for us to ask to see the light in others. And no matter how many times we might fall back into worry, doubt or blame, Lesson 158 reminds us we live in Divine perfect timing. That we can choose again. And that the amount of time it takes us to get there…meaningless as a slight of hand.

Today we give the gift of seeing our brothers and sisters on this plane beyond what past conditioning may have taught us. We see the God in all of us waiting to be seen and heard by our Divine love. And as we give we receive the unconditional love from Source that has always been ours to live.

Namaste GodWalker!

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