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Got Mustard?

“I was in the red. And, you know, the only thing that kept me from snapping was the French fries. I looked up at that picture. And they just looked so dandy. So joyous. That put me back down in the yellow. Or the mustard, as I call it”-Dane Cook, Comedian

Yesterday I had a meltdown. Like a for-real meltdown. I became stressed over something I had not done properly at work and, there it was-instant meltdown.

I panicked. I spent hours trying to fix it. I tried some spiritual mantras to try to calm myself down.

The most significant thing I noticed was that I truly wanted to DO something so badly to make it go away. I wanted action to make me feel better.

I would truly DO anything to get away from this feeling. Of self-disappointment. Of inadequacy.

But here’s the kicker-doing things didn’t really make my feelings go away. And, despite all of my efforts, the disquiet remained….until I met with my positivity posse.

Despite being unaware of the specifics of my circumstances, the following sage advice (modified) came through:

  1. Ask yourself-what good will worrying do? Will it change the outcome?

  2. Just say Weeee! It may sound strange, but it essentially means when life takes you on a rollercoaster, you might as well enjoy the ride. Do we really control anything? Let go and find joy wherever you can.

  3. Tray an attitude of gratitude. Every minute I work, for example, is a minute I am simultaneously able to do my spiritual work for another minute.

  4. Have a little help from your friends. Groups, like my awesome peeps, spiritual classes, books, reminders, weekly sermons. Whatever supports us is a one-way ticket outside of our limited heads, and right into the wider perspective of the Universe.

  5. Separate from the illusion. If peace and happiness are the Universal currency, fear and worry are just counterfeit bills.

Essentially-What’s real is our joyous, essential selves. The rest-our jobs, material possessions, these are just the stages where we play out our dramas. The core of us remains & is not, incidentally, identified with any of the labels we put on ourselves. We are Universal expressions of the all-that-is, loved no matter what we do or say. We do not have to earn it. It is given to us in grace.

So today I choose to live in the mustard as Dane Cook says. The place full of warm, joyous fries and where my soul lives equally warm and fuzzy. I use any of the tools my awesome friends recommended as needed (borrow at will).

And I choose to find joy. Release outcomes. Just for today friends, where do YOU find your mustard?

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28 Nis 2021

Excellent post!

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